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This is the second half of the simulation test I put my student through in Yangon. Some trade secrets revealed here!

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One of my students was brave enough to sit through a simulation of the real IELTS speaking test. As I used to be an examiner, this is as close as you’ll get to the real thing.

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This brief introduction to the IELTS Speaking Test will help you on your way to success! Also, visit my site here.

A pretty young lady taking a simulated IELTS speaking test.

Watch this to learn how to boost your confidence.

This lady shows you how to read a menu in English. She explains very clearly how to order the food you want to eat.

One little tip: Don’t keep winking like she does! It could be taken wrongly! ;-)

Another great lesson from Australia Network looks at strategies for building your lexical resource (vocabulary etc).

American accent. Useful for beginners.

Practise your listening and speaking skills with this video. We’ll use common daily expressions for introductions and greetings in an English conversation. Watch the lesson twice. 1. Listen and write down what you hear 2. Listen and repeat.

Let us know how you did in the comments. Good Luck!

Common mistakes, with suggestions for improvement. (He’s a bit slow …)

This guy’s speech is a bit slurred. Sounds like he’s been drinking or something! But it’s quite good advice.